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A completely new way to create, share and visit links on social media.

Add links like this 👆 to all your Instagram and TikTok posts and visit them by clicking sharing them to the Mojilink app.

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Mojilink – made for more web freedom!

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Mojilink in a nutshell.

Mojilink is probably the best alternative to "link in bio" on the planet. Our app creates links for all your Instagram posts and TikTok videos. Anyone with the app can visit them.-If you stumble across a Mojilink, you can open it with just a few taps. Without leaving your feed! It's a completely new way to visit links instantly on social media.-Forget "link in bio". Mojilink lets you add and visit links to/from all your posts!

Why Mojilink?

Simple: because there’s no other app or tool that lets you add links to the caption of every single Instagram Post or TikTok video. And sure, open them as well!-So, if you want to link to a playlist for your friends 🕺, a funny cat video 😹, a shop 🛍 or to any other URL 😜: get Mojilink and tell your friends and followers about it!

Create super personal links that stand out in your feed.

Like this:




Or that:


The Mojilink structure

Android app coming soon!

Let me know when it's available!

Build a link network within the networks.

Only those who know, know. 😉
Tell your friends and followers about Mojilink to build your own link community within Instagram or TikTok!

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Everyone has a reason to be here.
This is ours:

“Freedom of connection with any application to any party is the fundamental social basis of the internet.”

– Tim Berners-Lee

What the inventor of the world wide web once described as an ideal state is in danger. Big online corporations are building bigger silos with thicker and higher and stronger walls every day. Their ultimate goals: keeping you inside their systems as long as they can, and making it almost impossible for you to leave.At Mojilink we strongly believe in the freedom of the internet and the vast power of shared information. And since we think there should always be a way out, we built one.We built a tool that expands your digital freedom. Radically. A tool that helps bringing users to new place in an unseen way. A tool that tells a story and can represent your personality, your likings, or your profession. A tool that's changing with the Zeitgeist and underlines each of your messages naturally. If you will, Mojilink is the rope ladder you can throw your friends to climb the silos' walls. Only this ladder can fly, speak a hundred languages, and looks pretty damn cool.Honestly, this all wasn't really planned. But we're bloody serious about it. And now that we are here, it feels like being the f***ing pirates of the internet, arrrrgh. Sure, saving the web won't be easy—the systems will make our lives pretty hard. But the more people use Mojilink, the bigger everyone's digital freedom becomes.So join our mission to take back the freedom of connection. At least that's what the internet was invented for.Yours truly

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Frequently asked questions

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⚙️ How does Mojilink work?

Mojilink combines a URL of your choice with a 7-digit emoji code. The resulting Mojilink can be easily inserted into the caption on Instagram or TikTok. Every visitor of your post (who also has the Mojilink app) can now visit the URL you defined before - with just a few taps.

🤔 Where does Mojilink work?

Mojilink currently works within Instagram and TikTok posts. You can also add Mojilinks to Instagram Reels.

🖍️ How do I create a Mojilink?

Open the Mojilink app and tap on the "+" in the menu bar. Then, paste or enter the URL you want to direct your visitors to into the input field. Tap on "Create Mojilink". Next, tap the shuffle button until you're happy with the randomly generated emoji combination. Or "Go pro!" if you want to enter a unique emoji combination by yourself. Tap on "Save Mojilink". Your Mojilink is now ready to be shared. Hit "Copy to clipboard" and paste the Mojilink into the caption of your post.

📸 How can I open a Mojilink on Instagram?

Whenever you find a post with a Mojilink on Instagram, just tap on the options menu in the top right corner of the post (•••). Now select "Share to...". Next, tap on the Mojilink app. If you can't find the Mojilink app in the share dialogue, swipe to the left and tap "More" (→ please read: "How can I add Mojilink to my share extension favorites on the iPhone?").
After tapping Mojilink, the URL will open in a new screen above the Instagram app. Swipe right or tap "Done" to get back to Instagram.

🤳 How do I open a Mojilink in TikTok?

If you have found a video with a Mojilink on TikTok, just tap on the arrow on the lower right side of the screen. Under "Share to" swipe to the left and tap "Other" (•••). Next, tap on the "Mojilink" icon. If you can't find the Mojilink app in the share dialogue, swipe to the left again and tap "More" (→ please read: "How can I add Mojilink to my share extension favorites on the iPhone?").After tapping Mojilink, the URL will open on a new screen above the TikTok app. Swipe right or tap "Done" to get back to TikTok.

📌 How can I add Mojilink to my share extension favorites on the iPhone?

If you can't find Mojilink in your share extensions, there is an easy way to get Mojilink into your share extension favorites.→ While using Instagram:
Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of a post. Tap on "Share to...". The share extension will open. Now swipe the app bar to the left and tap on "More". You will probably find the Mojilink app under "Suggestions". Now tap on "Edit" ** in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the green "+" ** in front of the Mojilink app to add it to your favorites.
Next, move the Mojilink app up with the three strokes icon on the right. For quick access, we recommend to put Mojilink among the first three apps.
Hit "Done", tap "Done" again and swipe the app bar back to the right. Cool! You did it! 🙌 Opening any Mojilink is now just three taps away!
__→ While using TikTok:__
Tap on the share arrow at the lower right side of the screen. Under "Share to" swipe the app bar to the left and hit "Other". The share extension will open. Now swipe the app bar to the left and tap on "More". You will probably find the Mojilink app under "Suggestions". Now, tap on "Edit" in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the green "+" in front of the Mojilink app to add it to your favorites.
Next, move the Mojilink app up with the three strokes icon on the right. For quick access, we recommend to put Mojilink among the first three apps.
Hit "Done", tap "Done" again and swipe the app bar back to the right. Great!. You did it! 🙌 Opening any Mojilink is now just a tap, a swipe and another two taps away!

❌ How can I delete a Mojilink?

To delete a Mojilink, tap on "Created" in the menu bar. You'll see a list of all your created Mojilinks. Now tap on the options menu (•••) on the right side of the Mojilink you want to delete. Next, tap on "Delete Mojilink" and confirm your choice by hitting "Delete Mojilink" again. NOTE: When you delete a Mojilink it will not work in of your post(s) anymore.

⚠️ How can I delete my Mojilink account?

To delete your Mojilink account tap on your Mojilink ID in the top right corner of the app screen. Then, tap on "Delete my account" at the bottom and tap "Delete account" again. — NOTE: If you delete your Mojilink account, all of your Mojilinks will be deleted - forever! ‼️ THERE IS NO GOING BACK ‼️ All Mojilinks will no longer work on Instagram or TikTok. Also, your unique Mojilink ID is deleted and will be available to other users instantly.

🔄 How can I change my Mojilink ID?

To change your Mojilink ID, tap on the three emojis in the top right corner of the app screen. If you have a Mojilink PRO account, you can now tap your Mojilink ID to manually change it. Hit "Change ID" to save it.
If you are a Mojilink FREE user, you can't change your Mojilink ID. NOTE: When you change your Mojilink ID, your last ID can be instantly used by another Mojilink user.

🤷 Sharing a Mojilink via Instagram doesn't work. What can I do?

Sometimes the Mojilink you've just created won't open until the 2nd or 3rd time you share it. This can happen for a variety of reasons, most of which are technical. But don't worry, once your Mojilink opens, it will always open automagically. If your Mojilink does not open at all, please check it again in the Mojilink app.

🆓 What's the difference between a FREE and a PRO account?

Mojilink is free and always will be. With a FREE account, your personal three-digit Mojilink ID is created randomly (e.g.✏️🫐🧶). Also, the selection of the Mojilink URL ID is randomly generated, when you create a new Mojilink (e.g. Ⓜ️🔩🔽).
As a PRO subscriber you can design a unique Mojilink ID manually by yourself (e.g. ❤️💚💙). You can also define the emojis of the URL ID by yourself (e.g. Ⓜ️🍔🍟). So, FREE = random, PRO = your choice!

😿 What happens if I cancel my PRO subscription?

ATTENTION: If you cancel your PRO subscription, your account will be downgraded to FREE again. That means your 3-digit Mojilink ID will be randomly generated again. Also, all new Mojilinks will be randomly generated again. But don't worry: All your previously created Mojilinks will remain unchanged and will continue to work.
To cancel your Pro subscription please visit your Apple ID in "Settings" on your iPhone and cancel your Mojilink subscription under "Subscriptions".

2️⃣ Can I add two Mojilinks to the same post?

Unfortunately not. Mojilink currently supports only one Mojilink per post.

🔒 Does Mojilink work in private Instagram accounts?

Unfortunately not. Mojilink currently only supports public Instagram accounts.

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Mojilink is completely free - forever! To use our pro features, please subscribe to a pro account within the app. You can cancel at any time.

Mojilink FREE 🪶

• Randomly created Mojilink ID
• Randomly created Mojilink URL IDs
• Unlimited Mojilinks

Mojilink PRO 💪

Custom Mojilink ID
Custom URL IDs
• Unlimited Mojilinks
Get a Mojilink VIP ID! (e.g. ⭐⭐⭐)

Why Mojilink PRO?

Mojilink PRO is about customizing your Mojilinks and make their looks match their target URLs. But to fully understand the benefit of Mojilink PRO, it's neccessary to understand the basic Mojilink structure in the first place.Here's an overview:

Okay, so now there are two key features that allow you to create outstanding Mojilinks.

1. The Mojilink ID

Once you login for the first time, the app creates a random Mojilink ID (the last three emojis). They're your username or handle and appear in every Mojilink you create.-
Now, let's assume you're from Australia and you love tennis and pizza. Wouldn't it be great to own this Mojilink ID → 🦘🎾🍕 instead of a randomly generated one? Right, mate. That's exactly what a PRO subscription allows you to do. But please note: Mojilink IDs are unique. So if somebody else snatches 🦘🎾🍕 first – it's gone. First come, first served.
This is how a Mojilink ID can reflect your style, interests or profession:

2. The Mojilink URL ID

The Mojilink URL ID are the 2nd and the 3rd emoji in your Mojilinks. Free users can shuffle them when creating a new Mojilink. Fun fact: there's a little less than 1.200.000 (!) possible combinations from just two emojis. That might mean a lot of shuffling until you're happy.
A Mojilink PRO subscription allows you to choose these emojis yourself.
And what does this mean for Randy? The pizza-loving tennis player from Australia. Well, his Mojilink that leads from an Instagram post to a tennis trick shot video on YouTube could look like this:


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Press Kit

If you like what you see, you're welcome to talk about Mojilink on your blog, website or on your social channels. Actually if you want to talk about Mojilink on your podcast or feature us on TV, that's fine too.
Feel free to download our press kit below and use the assets provided.

Chérine De Bruijn

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Get in touch with Chérine De Bruijn:

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